The ISF George P. Shultz Award for Excellence to OSAC is sponsored by the ISF and is separate from the OSAC Awards or any U.S. government or State Department award programs. The Shultz Award recognizes the remarkable achievements of an individual(s), in the public or private sector, to enhance the safety of OSAC constituents who daily confront terrorism, crime, natural disasters, and other challenges as they cross the globe in search of new opportunities and to assist those in need.


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To submit a nomination, email Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director.


(L. to R.): Ron Iden, ISF Board member; Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director; Sec.
George Shultz; and Jim Snyder, ISF Board member, in 2015.

The late Secretary of State George Shultz, OSAC founder and visionary, is pictured in 2015 with ISF board members Ron Iden (far left) and Jim Snyder (far right) and ISF Executive Director Peggy O’Neill.

Watch the 2015 interview with Sec. Shultz and the ISF.

“I like the life of ideas and applying ideas to action.” – Secretary of State George P. Shultz



George P. Shultz (1920-2021) was a man of visionary ideas and decisive action. In 1983, following the bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, in which 241 Marines were killed, Shultz, a former Marine and then Secretary of State, made a bold decision. To address growing global security threats, the U.S. government needed to collaborate with the private sector to ensure the safety of all Americans working and living abroad. His transformative idea became the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), a groundbreaking public-private partnership to provide vital information exchanges and best-practice security measures to the OSAC and global security communities.

Read Ambassador (Ret.) David Fields’ recollections of serving with Sec. Shultz (pictured right).


2015 George P. Shultz
2016 William H. McRaven
2017 James F. Snyder
2018 Greg Bujac and Marsha Thurman