The safety of Americans working, serving, and learning at home and abroad has never been more urgent. TSF meets this critical need by funding OSAC and DSAC programs and related nonprofit organizations that assist U.S. corporations, faith-based, academia, nonprofit and NGO organizations dealing with terrorism, civil disorder, crime and natural disasters.

TSF support enables U.S. public-private partnerships, including OSAC, DSAC and U.S. global nonprofits, to dramatically expand educational, security information-sharing programs and networking initiatives. For OSAC, TSF funds Country Chapter meetings, Common Interest Committees (Regional, Sector and Special Interest Committees), and educational forums like OSAC’s International Travel Safety & Security Forum and the Crisis Management Forum. For DSAC, TSF funds the DSAC Annual Meeting, Senior Leadership Exchange, Domestic Security Executive Academy, Regional Conferences, Regional Senior Leadership Exchanges and the DSAC Leadership Council.


TSF Dinner Sponsorship

TSF Dinner support enables TSF to fund programs for a stronger global security industry.


DSAC Annual Meeting & TSF Reception Sponsorship

Sponsorship of the DSAC Annual Meeting & TSF  Reception supports DSAC programming

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Common Interest Committee Sponsorship

Support OSAC’s Regional, Sector and Special Interest Committees’ vital programs

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Country Chapter Sponsorship

Support the vital work of over 240+ OSAC Country Chapters

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TSF Membership

Individual TSF memberships help support TSF’s mission.


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Tax-deductible gifts help keep U.S. citizens and interests safer and more secure, at home and abroad

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Topical Forum Sponsorship

Sponsorship of an OSAC Topical Forum supports cross-industry global security.