TSF leaders are dedicated professionals with expertise spanning the security sector.

Our esteemed Board of Directors lend their knowledge and networks from years serving in security and related industries. Our staff bring decades of experience across related fields to provide operational leadership to execute TSF’s mission each day. Guided by the Board, TSF staff identify impactful programs and initiatives and manage relationships with partners worldwide. Together, this talented team provides the vision and oversight to foster collaboration across the security community and strengthen our nation’s security posture for the future.


Our Leadership

TSF’s leadership team brings decades of combined experience and specialized expertise in the security industry, nonprofit management and public service. Driven by a shared passion for supporting U.S. security interests, our leaders bring unparalleled passion, dedication, strategic vision and operational oversight to carry out TSF’s mission. We build collaborative partnerships and make meaningful investments that strengthen the security community to advance U.S. security priorities for years to come.

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