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The International Security Foundation funds security programming by the Overseas Security Advisory Council, Domestic Security Alliance Council and U.S. security nonprofits to keep Americans and American interests safer and more secure.

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Learn about our grant program for the Overseas Security Advisory Council, the Domestic Security Alliance Council and for U.S. security nonprofits.

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I was there before the ISF was created and saw first hand how Regional Security Officers’ and OSAC leaders’ hands were tied [financially] when it came to holding and marketing Country Chapter and Regional Council events. With the ISF, funds can be used for OSAC event logistics and promotion.

Jeremy Rodrigues, ISF Member, Senior Director, Enterprise Security, Excelerate Energy

Former OSAC Foreign Affairs Officer

In 2011, there were a number of very serendipitous events that came together, just at the right time at the right place with the right individuals that enabled the ISF to come together to become a reality.

John McClurg, ISF Founding Father, First ISF President

Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Blackberry

Sandy Cowie

The creation of the ISF has been a true turning point for OSAC. It’s been incredibly impactful and a real enabler for OSAC’s mission at all levels.

Sandy Cowie, Director of Global Security

Principal Financial Group
Past OSAC Private-Sector Chair

Ellen Tannor

One of the most powerful aspects of OSAC is that we never charge dues. ISF funding helps keep our meetings completely free and accessible to all U.S.-based organizations operating abroad regardless of size. The ISF minimizes financial barriers and helps keep our public-private partnership thriving all over the world.

Ellen Tannor, Executive Director


Our gifts and sponsorships enable ISF to fund DSAC and OSAC programs that share security information and connect partners. ISF makes it possible to support the DSAC’s and OSAC’s critical work, which, in turn, allows Target to create a brighter, safer future for our team, our guests and the communities we serve.

Mark Krause, Senior Director, Corporate Security

Target Corporation

DSAC and OSAC are the critical difference to security leaders in the private sector. Protecting the companies and communities we serve requires cutting-edge resources and exceptional connectivity with our security colleagues, which DSAC and OSAC provide. Supporting the ISF ensures that these incredible public-private partnerships are thriving.

Dave Komendat, ISF Vice President

The Boeing Company

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February 27, 2023

Domestic Security Partnership Merges with the International Security Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Domestic Security Partnership (DSP) and the International Security Foundation (ISF) approved a merger agreement on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The merged organization will be known as the International Security Foundation.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the entire security community,” says Rich Davis, who remains in his role as President of the ISF and merged Board of Directors. “It was a unanimous decision, made after careful, deliberate discussions—and with buy-in from both the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC).”

Brad Brekke, who was DSP board president and now serves as ISF Secretary of the Board, concurs. “This strategic merger both streamlines operations and efficiency for donors, our government partners and the ISF staff and broadens the possibilities for continued and new networking and information-sharing programs,” says Brekke, who is one of the ISF founders, which was established in 2011. “The vision statement we have adopted for ‘a safer and more secure world for U.S. citizens and interests’ encompasses the incredible work the security public-private partnerships do in the U.S. and across the globe.”

The merged board, which includes Dave Komendat as Vice President and Keith Slotter as Treasurer, is a mix of ISF and DSP seasoned leaders and board members. Peggy O’Neill, ISF Executive Director for the past ten years, continues in this position, as does the current ISF staff.

View the combined ISF board.

Meet the ISF staff.

New ISF Mission Statement and Revamped Website

As part of the merger, the board adopted a new mission statement: The International Security Foundation helps protect U.S. citizens and interests at home and abroad through education, information sharing and funding security-related organizations.

The ISF will continue to sponsor its signature event, the Annual ISF Dinner during OSAC Week in mid-November and continue to support OSAC programs. The ISF will now support the DSAC Annual Meeting and Domestic Security Reception, events that recognize the hard work of those supporting DSAC programs. The DSAC Annual Meeting and the Domestic Security Reception will be held on May 2, 2023, JW Marriott, Washington, D.C.

Sponsor the Domestic Security Reception. 

The revamped ISF website is securityfdn.org and includes information on both OSAC and DSAC support, as well as the ISF Grants Program, which supports smaller, U.S. security-related nonprofits.

Questions about the merger?

Please contact Peggy O’Neill, Executive Director of the merged ISF, 832-543-1442 Ext. 101, [email protected].

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why did the ISF & DSP merge?

A: The missions of the nonprofit ISF and DSP are very similar. Both organizations provide financial support to help public and private organizations protect American citizens and their interests. The ISF focuses on funding for international support, while the DSP addressed domestic support.

Q: What is the name of the newly merged organization?

A: For now, the merged organization will retain the International Security Foundation name. As the newly formed organization matures, the Board of Directors may opt for a name change/modification.

Q: What is the leadership of the merged organization?

A: The Boards of Directors for the DSP and ISF have merged. The new officers of the merged Board are: Rich Davis as President; Dave Komendat as Vice President; Brad Brekke as Secretary; and Keith Slotter as Treasurer. The full Board list can be found here. Peggy O’Neill continues as the Executive Director of the merged organization.

Q: How will the merger benefit the public-private security community?

A: The ISF and DSP are better together, creating a singular nonprofit organization to address the comprehensive, domestic and global needs of the security industry. Having two separate organizations was redundant. One collective infrastructure, mission statement, bylaws and policies is more efficient for donors, the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC) and security-related nonprofits supported through ISF’s nonprofit grants program and the ISF administration.

Q: Does public-sector senior leadership within OSAC and DSAC support this merger?

A: Yes, senior OSAC and DSAC leadership were briefed on the merger and the benefits that will result. All are supportive of this effort and the sound business decisions behind the merger to create a unified, more efficient way of supporting the unique missions of these vital public-private partnerships.

Q: My company/organization has only supported the ISF or DSP mission. How can we ensure that our future donation is only used for that purpose?

A: Donors will have the option of designating how they want their contributions distributed. Donors can restrict their donations to just OSAC programs, just DSAC programs or split their donations by whatever percentage the donor chooses between OSAC and DSAC programs. Donors also have the option of making their donations unrestricted, allowing the merged Board to determine where the need is greatest.

Q: What will happen to the funds already collected by the DSP to support DSAC programs?

A: The DSP transferred those funds as a restricted donation to the ISF to be used solely for direct and indirect DSAC programs expenses.

Q: Are you concerned that companies/organizations that donate to both organizations will now reduce their annual contribution—and that fewer companies/organizations will donate?

A: No. We are confident that companies/organizations who donate understand the significance of both missions. Plus, the ability for donors to designate contributions, easily and efficiently, to one nonprofit provides maximum flexibility for donors.

Q: How will the new Board of Directors ensure that both the international and domestic support requirements of OSAC and DSAC are maintained?

A: The newly merged Board of Directors is committed to working with the ISF Executive Director and staff to ensure that the merger is transparent to OSAC, DSAC, other grant recipients and the donor base and that all approved programs are funded and supported at the appropriate level.

Q: What about the annual ISF Dinner to support OSAC and the DSAC Annual Meeting and Reception?

A: These critical events will continue. The annual ISF Dinner is an important event that recognizes the hard work of those supporting OSAC programs. Likewise, the DSAC Annual Meeting and Reception is an important event that recognizes the hard work of those supporting DSAC programs.

DSAC Annual Meeting and Domestic Security Reception: May 2, 2023, JW Marriott, Washington, D.C. Sponsorship information can be found here or by clicking on the brochure image to download the sponsorship information.

a flyer for a political event with an american flag

Annual ISF Dinner: November 15, 2023, National Building Museum, Washington, D.C. Sponsorship information can be found here or by clicking on the brochure image to download the sponsorship brochure.

an event poster for the 12th annual dinner

Q: What is the website and contact information for the newly merged nonprofit?

A: The ISF has a new website: SecurityFdn.org. Our old website is redirected to this new website. Likewise, ISF staff have new email address and old email addresses will be redirected to these new email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]