September 21 2023

TSF DEI Journey Map

The Security Foundation (TSF) has been focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as part of its strategic plan. Creating a DEI Journey Map recently was an important step to illustrate the commitment of the ISF Board to increasing and promoting a holistic DEI approach in TSF’s grant work, programming and all endeavors.

Read the TSF Journey Map.

This important document lays the groundwork for TSF’s past, present and future for DEI, expounding upon the ideas, goals and tactics of how TSF is promoting DEI within the security profession. In April 2024, TSF convened a Joint DEI Summit with four other leaders in the security public-private partnership community:

Creating a journey map of each organization’s DEI efforts and initiatives was a shared goal for each partner as a reaffirmation of each organization’s commitment to DEI and to outline the shared DEI pathway forward.

Read the DEI Statement by the Joint DEI Task Force.

“TSF’s visionary roadmap outlines our DEI commitment with unwavering support from our Board and strategic partners,” says Carly Coaty, TSF’s Director of Programming, who is convening the ongoing efforts of the Joint DEI Task Force. “This is only the beginning. TSF is dedicated to evolving our practices, fostering inclusivity and setting new industry standards for years to come.”

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