The ISF offers a variety of resources to understand its mission of support for the global security community and to help its donors and members provide funds for OSAC, DSAC and other security organizations.

Individuals may support the ISF with a donation or membership. Corporations and organizations may support the ISF by making an outright donation or by sponsoring a Common Interest Committee, Country Chapter, or the Annual ISF Dinner or the Domestic Security Reception (see links below). Questions? Please contact Peggy F. O’Neill, ISF Executive Director.


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ISF Overview

a professional resume for an information security officer

Membership Brochure

a flyer for an international seminar with information about the event

ISF Impact

the info sheet for an upcoming project

Sponsorship for ISF Dinner

ISF Dinner Sponsorship Brochure

an event poster for the 12th annual dinner

2022 ISF Dinner Program

cover of 2022 program

Sponsorship for ISF Reception

Domestic Security Reception Sponsorship Brochure

a flyer for a political event with an american flag

Common Interest Committee & Country Chapter Resources

Common Interest Committee Fundraising Toolkit

Common Interest Committee Sponsorship Brochure

Country Chapter Sponsorship Brochure

Topical Forum Resources

OSAC Topical Forum Sponsorship Brochure

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Government Partners



a brochure with images of people in suits and ties